What is „iWoman“?


In a tapestry of unity, women weave threads of female power and feminism, creating a vibrant mosaic of strength and resilience.
United in purpose, they stand side by side, amplifying each other’s voices and celebrating different shades of femininity.

This collective strength breaks down barriers, challenges stereotypes, and paves the way for a world where women’s empowerment and the principles of feminism shine. As they unite, they not only foster a sense of solidarity but also inspire generations to come, ensuring a legacy of equality and justice.

iWoman is an online community where every woman, girl and girl from Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond can feel safe. We encourage each other to be better and stronger. We are here to ensure that every story is told and that no woman is left behind.

According to the available data, in the last 10 years, until the end of November 2023, a minimum of 70 women were killed in Bosnia and Herzegovina – among which 5 of them survived the attempted murder, while the number of cases of violence is difficult to determine. For these cases of femicide, 29 verdicts have been handed down so far, with prison sentences ranging from 3.5 to 40 years, and out of 70 murderers, 29 of them committed suicide.

Human rights and gender equality expert, Adnan Kadribašić, based on available data, estimates that every third murder victim in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a woman.

Source: “Interview.ba”


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